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The Sponsored listing helps you attract increased attention for your newsletter. With your Sponsored listing you get top placement on relevant searches, featured in the homepage newsletter pick and best of all you can use a full sized article (up to 800 words) to demonstrate the value of your publication. We'll be adding a listing of recent articles added to the homepage to give you even more visibility.

You could spend far more on other forms of promotion and get far fewer prospects visiting your site. Once you have a Sponsored listing you can update your content or add a new article as often as you like. Sponsored listings are just $29.95 per year.

Standard listings let you share your basic descriptive and contact information similar to that provided by a search engine listing but with the difference that your listing will be found when people are looking for newsletters. The cost is just $2.95 per year.

Have a Standard Listing already? You can always upgrade to a Sponsored Listing at any time for just $27.

The first step to either listing is to register with Newsletter Access and then follow the options provided.

Please enter a username and password of your choice, then write them down to keep in a safe place so you will be able to modify your listing in the future. Please use only numbers and letters for your Username and Password. Your username must be unique, if the one you choose has already been taken you will be asked to choose another one.

Your email address will be used to email your password should you lose it, information regarding your account and to send you our newsletter More Subscribers providing you with tips on attracting more customers and growing your business.

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