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Newsletter   Software Outsourcing
Description   This newsletter will arm you with all the required knowledge to cut you software development expenses while avoiding risks. The ultimate experience and expertise are shared with subscribers without any exceptions.
Frequency   bi-weekly
Subscription Price  
Organization   SoftAcademia.com, LLC
Editor   Vladimir Petrov
Publisher   SoftAcademia.com
Address   102 Corsair Dr.
Suite 200
Morrisville, North Carolina 27560
Email   info@softacademia.com
Phone   919-466-7099
Fax   703-783-8384
Web Site   http://www.softacademia.com/admin_sa.asp
Sample Article   Within the last two years the shortage of over 475K programmers in US in 2001 turned into jobless situation in 2003. Information Technology within these two years has lost over 341K jobs. This means that vast majority of the lost jobs moved ... read more


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