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Software Outsourcing


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Recession in the US economy made impact on software development. Within last two years the shortage of over 475K programmers in US in 2001 turned into jobless in 2003. According to statistics of US Labor Department, Information Technology has lost over 341K jobs. The situation originates from the cost of each employee was too high averaging $170/h. Outsourcing is the only way out of the situation. Fortune 500 corporations are outsourcing software that worth billions of dollars. On April 14th, 2003 HP announced the verge of $3MM deal with Proctor & Gamble. On the other hand, such software corporations, (HP, IBM) already have their own offshore divisions with professional services thus cutting their development costs. Smaller companies have to outsource offshore programming directly facing problems. Successful offshore outsourcing has a lot of benefits and a lot of problems. To get all the

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