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Angel Investing 101


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Angel Investing 101

Karen Rands

These 5 issues cover the essential elements to wise angel investing and include the following topics:

1. What defines ?angel investor? or if this is private, why is the government involved?

2. The Investment Cycle?the first date, courtship and the marriage.

3. The Language of Private Equity Investing.

4. What type of investment and at what stage, and how are VCs different from Angels?

5. When is an Angel Investor really a bank?

Then in Volume Two, you'll have the opportunity to read about:

6. Risk vs Reward and the Decision Process

7. What happens when the other rounds and VCs come in

8. Investment Criteria and The Subjective side of investing

9. Two case studies?.which would you invest in?

10. Other types of Passive Income for Sophisticated Investors

11. Building your Investment Model - taking the emotion out of the decision to invest

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