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Sweet Roots

Vicki Durr

Sweet Roots

The size of a root has nothing to do with the end product. They may be small, large, short, tall or tangled yet roots that are properly nurtured will develop into beautiful and memorable masterpieces. As concerned parents, it our responsibility to create strong roots and good memories for our children, which is exactly what my sisters and I have done for the past 12 years with our annual ?Bake-Off?.

The annual ?Bake-Off? is always held the Friday after Thanksgiving and begins at 9:00 am. The original intention was to get together as a family to do our Christmas baking before the hustle and bustle of buying, wrapping, and exchanging gifts with our loved ones. The mothers of our families coordinate this tradition and we take turns at being the hostess.

The hostess is responsible for planning the yummy dessert menu, determining the supplies needed such as flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, cookie sheets, mixing bowls, measuring cups etc. and of course locating the recipes. She then creates the ?Bake-Off? Plan, which includes the menu and tells each family what ingredients, quantities, supplies, and pre-baked goodies (to be shared with the other participating families) they are required to bring.

Each family is responsible for bringing their own lunch, beverage, and storage containers and the actual ?Bake-Off? is off limits to Dads. However, the Dads are invited to join us at 6:00 p.m. to re-connect with their family members, sample the baked goods, and be the family chauffeur. The family chauffeur then drives their family to the hostess?s chosen restaurant to reminiscence about the day, theirs and ours.

Over the years, this tiny root has exposed an environment full of conversation, teaching, sharing, laughter, tears, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness, and love thus, causing it to firmly implant. This deep-seated root has intertwined our hearts and goes to the depths of our souls, which would be extremely difficult if not impossible to pull out. Mission accomplished! We have left a memorable legacy for our children.

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