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Leo's year Ahead

Terry Nazon

Leo's year Ahead

Happy Birthday Leo ! As your Birthday year begins the planet of karma Saturn has just entered your sign where he will stay for the next 2 ? years until September 2007! The sign of Leo rules the 5 th house of love and romance, children, hobbies, games of chance, twists of fate and also sudden good fortune! Which makes a lot of sense since many Leo 's like casino's, gambling. Lottery and many have won in such games. People born under the sign of Leo are known for their big egos, big hair, self confidence and their ability to make their presence known. Leo 's can be very playful, normally like children, or can act like children, get excited easily, and believe in themselves. Under the glare or seen through the planet Saturn a slightly more serious side to your personality may emerge. You may start to feel the pressure of time which Saturn rules. You may feel older or feel the pressure of age and your inner voice will suggest that it is time to get serious about things. You may desire to have children, to settle down, to stop wasting your time, to grow up, and to be an adult. So it's good to start planning how you are going to do this so that Saturn doesn't do it for you. As Saturn transit our Sun sign it examines every aspect of what is good and useful to us and what is not. Depending on the house and the aspects to your Sun sign that will determine how the transit will affect you. Those old enough should look back to September 1975 through July 1978. Those born during September 1975 through July 1978 will be experiencing their 1 st Saturn returns, a maturing cycle.

The planet of action, Mars transits through the sign of Taurus until February 18 th 2006 which with its retrograde period is a very long transit. The sign of Taurus is your signs solar 10 th house of career, reputation, and status. This can give the determination, and perseverance to achieve your goals, fight for what you believe in and climb the ladder of success.
During your birthday cycle it looks like you will have to settle down and be determined enough to reach your goals whatever they may be and you will. The planets are aligned with a special energy available to you that will make you more serious to enable you to a better person and receive the recognition and status you deserve.
Foe more information on your year ahead and the importance of Saturn in Leo call 1-888-334-7785!

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