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Independent management-oriented analysis and news designed to meet the needs of managers of telecom ...

Telemedia News and Views
Provides news, analysis of market data on telephone initiated interactive services.

Telenews Asia
Development of the growing telecommunications markets of Asia and Asia / Pacific: regulation / infor ...

TelephonyWorld News

Telestrategies Insight

Television & Cable Action Update
Authoritative news service of actions affecting broadcasting and cable TV activities.

Television Digest plus Television & Cable Action Update

Television Digest with Consumer Electronics
Authoritative news service for broadcasting, cable, consumer electronics and allied fields.

Television Index
A record of network television programming, including personnel.

The Burt Dubin Private Letter
Purpose is to share updated tools, keys, techniques for being more effective, more dynamic in the bu ...

The Cable Telco Report
Intelligence on technologies and business strategies driving the video marketplace.

The Cogent Communicator
``To-the-point'' communication methods for a quality environment.

The Cole Papers
Devoted to covering publishing technology for newspapers and magazines.

The Communications Newsletter
Strategic news about European telecoms.

The Communicator

The COWLES/SIMBA Report on Directory Publishing
Provides directory publishers and suppliers with the problem solving information they need to make s ...

The Eight Ball

The Telecoms Client

The Voice Coach

the write words

Timely Time Management Tips

Tower Industry Newsletter

TR Wireless News
Report on technology and public policy in the spectrum-based services.

Travelwriter Marketletter
Current information about magazines, newspapers, & book pubs, new editors, changed slants or story s ...

TV & Politics Watch
Political focus based largely on C-SPAN; articles (often under 150 words); charts of Federal Reserve ...

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